Armor - Some Kind Of War CS

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Armor - Some Kind Of War CS

Imported from Indonesia's Gone Blind Records - Armor's 2018 7" Some Kind of War on milky white tapes, limited to 50 copies.

"Tallahassee's newest export, Armor breaks out with their debut seven inch on 11PM Records. New Skool punk with an old school sound, they read the playbook and threw it away. They've already ripped up the midwest and east coast with Protocol and only time will tell whose next in Tallahassee's crosshairs. Think it sounds too contemporary? get your head out of your ass its 2018. Music for last age of hardcore. Where will you be when the bomb falls? In the pit slamming to Armor." - 11 PM Records

1. Figure
2. Fraud
3. Military Discount
4. Friendly Fire