Binary - Say Your Prayers, No One Cares

$5.00 - $7.00
Binary - Say Your Prayers, No One Cares

Six songs from Philadelphia metalcore outfit Binary.

From the Alternative:

"'The Thrill That Can Kill”, the first single off the upcoming EP, shows Binary branching out and becoming more familiar with metalcore tendencies. Binary’s vocalist Jordan S. said of the song, '…is about self destructing in response to love lost, I think it shows our sonic growth as a band that used to play screamo, we’re stepping into heavier territory with this release as a whole, taking influence from bands that played fifteen years ago as opposed to bands that played twenty five years ago."

300 7"s on black vinyl. 50 black cassettes.

1. In Your Eyes, A Cemetery Sunrise
2. The Thrill That Can Kill
3. Do Androids Beat Electric Meat?
4. Our Next Show is Open Casket
5. E-boy Meets World
6. One Thing About Hell is the Echo is Fabulous