Cold Brats - S/T CS

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Cold Brats - S/T CS

Released by Demolisten Records.

"When discussing potential bands for the inaugural Demolisten release, Romania’s criminally slept on Cold Brats was the first name on our tongues. If you’re familiar with their music, the reasons for this are obvious. If you’re not, it will all make sense very soon.

Whatever it is you like best about punk, Cold Brats has at least a little of it. You like side to side mosh parts for drooling Cro-Magnons? They’ve got that. Deathrock flare a la early Christian Death and T.S.O.L.? That too. Sneering attitude? Aplenty. All of these elements are packaged in masterfully crafted songs that go left when you expect them to go right, but do so with enough panache and character to have you humming the riffs after a single listen. If you’ve got even half a brain in your head, Cold Brats will sink their hooks into it.

Put simply, Cold Brats is a band whose only barrier to total dominance is geography and social politics. If this were a Boston band “featuring ex-members of”, you’d be reading this on the Beach Impediment or Static Shock website. But hey, don’t take it from us. This release is a stateside cassette edition of their phenomenal 2019 self-titled debut 7”. You know it won’t be long before the hardcore intelligentsia gets their hands on this shit and drives the resale value way up, so just be smart and get it while you still can."