Disable - ...Slamming In The Depths of Hell 7"

Disable - ...Slamming In The Depths of Hell 7"

Released by Brain Slash and Audacious Madness.

"7 crushing tracks from raw punk maniacs, Disable (Atlanta, GA). D-beat by definition is derivative which, for a d-beat fan, is fortunate because there is a wealth of paint by numbers releases that will satisfy your mania for conquest. DISABLE from Atlanta, Georgia however have been bringing a fresh take on a classic subgenre that blends catchy riffage with screaming noise that fills a room while keeping all the best parts of d-beat in place. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Laser tight, hard hitting drums back a vicious sounding string section and singer Ben's doubled up vocal howl."


1. Intro/Hellish Nightmare
2. False Flag
3. ...Slamming In The Depths of Hell
4. Endless
5. Death's Head
6. Whistling Death