Fury - Failed Entertainment 12"

Fury - Failed Entertainment 12"

Purple vinyl, released on Run For Cover Records.

"What finally emerges is nothing less than Fury’s take on the human experience, an attempt to describe every person’s life and how it interacts with others through unmatched highs, desperate lows, and mundane middles. Though the idea that the human experience is something that can be understood and labeled is either right on the nose or too grandiose. But to Stith, the goal was to fit every last drop of humanity in between the grooves of the record, and that’s where the success and failure of this entertainment lies. “I’ll never be able to communicate every single thought and feeling,” says Stith “, a Failed Entertainment.”"


1. Angels Over Berlin
2. Goodtime
3. Vacation
4. America
5. Inevitable Need To Reach Out
6. Birds Of Paradise
7. Mono No Aware
8. Lost In The Funhouse
9. New Years Days
10. New Years Eve
11. Crazy Horses Run Free