Gag - Still Laughing 12"

Gag - Still Laughing 12"

"Following up 2016's "America's Greatest Hits", GAG are back with 12 certified fresh bangers that will leave you breathless and sweaty. All the mid-tempo thump, crisp searing riffs and maniacal vocal pepper you've come to love are there in full steel but the crew has turned up a couple surprises for you here as well. I won't spoil it by writing more about it, you'll just have to check it out for yourself. Trust GAG, trust Iron Lung Records and, most importantly, go trust yourself."


1. Walking Nightmare
2. Still Laughing
3. Mad Dog
4. You're Birthday
5. High Off Gun Powder
6. Nobody's Smile
7. Prison Wife
8. Smoking Meth
9. London Fog
10. Future Scream
11. Taki Boombah
12. Scorpion Sequence