Guns N' Rosa Parks - No More Unity 7"

Guns N' Rosa Parks - No More Unity 7"

Notable 2000s Denver hardcore punk released on vinyl for the first time. Recorded in 2009 and released in 2020 on Raccoon Tycoon Records.

From Raccoon Tycoon Records, "Anyway, this slab of wax is the swan song of GnRP, their final recordings. The record comes with a 32 page booklet filled with lyrics, flyers, photos and ephemera from the Blast-O-Mat era of Denver, roughly 2008-2010. The record is a love letter to Denver and Blast-O-Mat, a place where GnRP played over 25 times. They played so many benefit shows at Blast-O-Mat that they used to joke that they paid for the PA system. At a time when Denver was ripe for something new and the city was still letting letting very small businesses take chances, Blast-O-Mat was a place to call home for everybody in the scene, not just one segment of punk or hardcore. Their booking policies and all ages shows kicked off an explosion of DIY creativity in Denver that the city hadn’t seen since Monkey Mania in the late 1990s."


1. Blast-Beat Doldrums
2. Glass Bottom Boat
3. Hungry Hungry Hippocrites
4. Dick Cheney Beyond Thunderdome
5, Diminishing
6. Shitwolf
7. Retarded Potential
8. Chain Of Command
9. No More Unity I
10. No More Unity II