Heavy Discipline - S/T CS

Heavy Discipline - S/T CS

The newest Indonesian import from our friends at Gone Blind Records - Heavy Discipline's S/T LP.

"Heavy Discipline shows again that Pittsburgh is a force to be reckoned with. They offer up, in my opinion, the BEST RECORD OF THE YEAR with this one. Heavy Discipline features members of bands like Blood Pressure, Hounds of Hate, and Curmudgeon. Each of those bands had their own sound and Heavy Discipline is no different. This band takes heavy (no pun intended) influence from the 80’s Boston bands like SSD and The F.U.’s. They are even able to harness the sound of that era with the production. This record sounds raw and full of energy. Certain tracks like “Found Out” and “No Space” sound like it could have been ripped from a lost SSD session. Each track is a banger and the flow of the LP is great. They offer up 12 songs in under 20 min. Which if you are like me is perfect, no muss, no fuss, no needless bullshit just prime cut USHC. If you are too punk for hardcore or too hardcore for punk, Heavy Discipline doesn’t care and has something for everyone. Signed, sealed, delivered Hardcore Punk at its finest. -Tattoo Punks -

Originally release on 12" by Painkiller Records"



1. Whats The Point
2. Tell The World
3. Cross To Bear
4. Mind Cell
5. Found Out
6. Voyeuristic Lust/Reckoning
7. No Amends
8. Cant Cut It
9. No Space
10. Performance Piece
11. Shaky Ground
12. Bootstraps