Iron Lung - Sexless//No Sex 12"

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Iron Lung - Sexless//No Sex 12"

"Destructive power violence hardcore, The Second LP from Seattle-via-San Francisco-Via-Reno's IRON LUNG follows to the point of their abrasive blend of low end crushing heavy lumbering split with devastating and inventive fast thrash and bleak lyrics skewed through medical malpractice. This 20-song second LP follows up their "life. Iron Lung.Death" LP on 625 Thrash on top of a ridiculous number of 7"'s, split releases, cassettes, CD-R's and other limited releases. The Duo that is IRON LUNG sit at the forefront of the modern Power Violence resurgence, continually re-inventing the formula and pushing it to new extremes."


1. Pig Hands
2. Stone Hands
3. Future Corpses
4. Sexless//No Sex
5. Lost Appeal
6. Pressure
7. Politics Of Science
8. Medic
9. White Flag
10. Contested
11. Here//Alone
12. Autojector
13. First Night In
14. Liars
15. Unattended Funeral
16. Leave As Ashes
17. Skills
18. Lumbar Puncture Test
19. A Farce
20. Cancer