Lethal Means - Zero Sum Game 12"

Lethal Means - Zero Sum Game 12"

Released in 2020 on NFTW Records from Virginia Beach.

"ZERO SUM GAME” features eight tracks of top-shelf Scandinavian D-Beat that pays heavy respects to Anti Cimex whilst still maintaining a hard USHC edge. Powerful bass and drums, blazing leads, and primal vocals belted over flawlessly aggressive and catchy guitar hooks. Polished off with a Master brought to you by the one and only Will Killingsworth, this is by far the bands best material to date and well worth the wait!


1. Break Free
2. Zero Sum Game
3. Serve No Man
4. Ad Nauseam
5. Bombardment
6. Means To An End
7. Burning Inside
8. Life Cannot Be Owned