Mentira - Nada Es Sagrado 12"

Mentira - Nada Es Sagrado 12"

"Kansas City, MO’s MENTIRA are back with debut LP that'll really curl your ear hairs. They've been simmering these songs for a couple years and maaaan, they are perfecto! Snarling like THE STALIN's hardest tracks and groovin' like LA BÈSTIA on tour mode but sounding wholly their own. If you like your hardcore powerful and manic and explosive then this is the LP for you."


1. Nada Es Sagrado
2. Desmotivación
3. Esperanza
4. Los Contrastes De Existir
5. ¿Cómo Existir En Paz?
6. Libertad De Expresión
7. Mundo Civilizado
8. Solo Se Muere Una Vez
9. Viejo Mensaje
10. Culpables