Nasti - Big Achievements 12"

Nasti - Big Achievements 12"

Released on Iron Lung in 2017.

"NASTI - Big Achievements LP w/download (LUNGS-079)
It's hot as fuck in here. Big Achievements is churning mix-tempo hardcore punk with badboy breakdowns and subtly sophisticated change ups that will leave you scratching your sweat makers. If you can't skate and you can't slam then you can at least wiggle your nuggets to the ratchet beat. Get into it. Don't be shy. We love you. Shit yeah. We've been waiting for what seems like a century and the wait is well worth it. If this one doesn't make the year end lists then punk is broken."


1. Parasites
2. Tension
3. Slugs
4. Blisters
5. Cake Walk
6. Stale
7. Dragger
8. Jar Of Bugs
9. Atrophy