Old Sport - Quietly Like the Sky CS

Old Sport - Quietly Like the Sky CS

CONVR56 is Old Sport's Quietly Like The Sky. Formed in 2014, Denver's Old Sport have been a staple of Colorado DIY since their inception, playing a towering brand of post-hardcore that melds elements of indie and screamo. Quietly Like the Sky, Old Sport's second full length, is the product of years of writing and recording, and represents the band at their most meticulous and expansive. FFO: Envy, The Appleseed Cast

Album artwork by Sam Klickner (chalicesofvision.tumblr.com)

Quietly Like the Sky is available on pro-dubbed cassettes limited to 100 copies.


1. Standing Quietly
2. Possibilities With a Balloon
3. Regain Youth
4. Growing Old Takes a Long Time
5. The Marketplace of Ideas
6. Even As You Watch, I Am Fleeing
7. The One Who Envies The Clouds
8. 65 Lifetimes of Being