Pi$$er - Crushed Down To Paste 12"

Pi$$er - Crushed Down To Paste 12"

Released on SPHC in 2020. Members of Anti-Cimex and Doom.

From SPHC, "On their first LP, PI$$ER sound like the straight-forward songs from Armia - Legenda LP meets modern hardcore sensibilities. Like Armia, we have the emotive horn arrangements that add a layer of composition and atmosphere beyond the norm. Like Armia, the songwriting and execution is a little more long-form and repetitious, steady tempo drums and repeating riffs, based on letting the horns build atmosphere, rather than an immediate attack like most hardcore. But like modern hardcore, the vocals are gruff and reverb'd out, the solos are chaotic, and the occasional breakdown sneaks in there to get you moshing.

It's the fascinating and emotive hardcore record I was looking for and I am excited to bring it to life for others in this world looking for punk beyond our regimented pre-determined stylistic definitions."


1. Jazz Wasps
2. Time
3. Panning For Gold
4. Problem
5. Job
6. Nazi Rhythm
7. Dance in the Light of Your Burning Bridges 05:08n the Light of Your Burning Bridges