PREORDER: Mexican Coke - Mexican Coke 12"

PREORDER: Mexican Coke - Mexican Coke 12"

PREORDER - Records ship on or around 7/19 release date

CONVR79 is a self-titled 12" EP from Houston's Mexican Coke. Like any great Texas legend, the story of Mexican Coke is only half myth, whispered across basements and dive bars and garages. Everyone has their version of the story. Masks, guns, more guns. Raw hardcore punk delivered the way it was meant to be, untethered and chaotic, with its own twisted brand of showmanship.

MEXICAN COKE comes out July 19th on Convulse Records.


100 on Translucent Red (band exclusive)
100 on Translucent Purple ( exclusive)
200 Clear with Black Smoke
200 Black Vinyl