Pulling Teeth - Funerary 12"

Pulling Teeth - Funerary 12"

Released on A389 in 2015.

"While the lyrics touch on themes of our social character, a demand for truth, respect, and honesty, and reason to hold on to the last shreds of hope for a better world, the music ranges from pummeling thrash- and death- influenced metal to moody, doomy, dirgey soundscapes, all the while holding true to the spirit and energy of hardcore. This is Pulling Teeth at their finest."

1. A Bitter Harvest
2. From Birth (Featuring Justice Tripp)
3. Extinction
4. Brain Drain
5. The New Dark Ages
6. Grudgeholder
7. Plastic Tombs
8. Funerary
9. At Peace
10. Whispers
11. Waiting
12. August 29th