Rash / C.H.E.W. Split 7"

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Rash / C.H.E.W. Split 7"

"Two edgy, provocative and dynamic Chicago bands, each hammering through their songs with a single-minded intensity. C.H.E.W. submerge the occasional post-punk element into an aggressive and charging sonic fray, while RASH continue to screech and squall their way through their face-melting hardcore compositions. Both provide a loud and dark scream from the soul." -- Al Quint - Suburban Voice zine and Sonic Overload radio.

Released on Slugsalt Records. Black vinyl with reverse-board glue pocket covers, double-sided insert, polybag sleeve, and a Slugsalt sticker.


1. Bleeding Pigs (Rash)
2. Parlour Games (Rash
3. Still Stuck (C.H.E.W.)
4. Submission (C.H.E.W.)
5. Moral Panic (C.H.E.W.)