Result of Choice - Place of My Dreams 7"

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Result of Choice - Place of My Dreams 7"

Released on Advanced Perspective in 2019. From Advanced Perspective, "Spry, clear, and fast as ever, PLACE OF MY DREAMS is here. Like Up Front or Unity blasted with the color wheel, the debut 7” from SFL’s Result of Choice leaves listeners in a bright and dizzy whirl, a near-trance, each song and message reverberating long after the six-song record’s end.

With November ‘16 barely in the rearview - and a grim 2020 a stone’s throw away - PLACE OF MY DREAMS asks and answers, critiques and expresses, gives and guides. But most importantly, PoMD embodies: embodies the power necessary to not just survive times like these, but to push through -- to reach that better world “hard to see, but not out of reach.” A place of dreams."


1. Deceived
2. Strive
3. Result of Choice
4. Brunt of Time
5. Digital Age
6. Place of My Dreams