Sorex - Portrait of a Prisoner 12"

Sorex - Portrait of a Prisoner 12"

Reissued as a compilation 12" in 2017 by Radio Raheem.

"Tracks 1-11: Never Forget Demo, 1984
Tracks 12-17: from unreleased LP session, 1985
Tracks 18-20: Portrait Of A Prisoner 7" EP, 1985

Hailing from Redondo Beach, California, Sorex released just a single 7” EP, containing three tracks of no-fi, snotty-yet-abrasive beach hardcore in a 200-copy micro pressing in 1985, and played a scant dozen or so shows up and down the California coast before fading into punk record collector obscurity.

Radio Raheem’s crack team of hardcore archaeologists have since managed to rescue Sorex’s elusive EP from the collector ghetto and tack on 17 additional tracks, culled from the band’s 1984 demo tape and sessions for a never-released 1985 LP.


1. ANA
2. Attack It
3. How We Rock
4. Blown Out
5. Crips
6. Driftwood
7. Let Freedom Ring
8. Never Forget
9. Next In Line
10. Lost
11. Attack It
12. How We Rock
13. Ignite The Fury
14. T.I.
15. Time's Expired
16. What Counts
17. You
18. Tell Me The Rules
19. Freedom
20. End Result