Speed Plans - Field of Vision 7"

Speed Plans - Field of Vision 7"

"The twelve-song 7” is always welcome because I know the songs will be short, fast, and to-the-point. That’s pretty much what this Pittsburgh act gives us on their fourth offering. Good riffs and angry vocals recall classics like POISON IDEA and NEGATIVE APPROACH, as well as lesser-known Ohio band PLAGUE (shoutout to COVID). The rhythms are creative and dizzying, and while there aren’t any particular standout tracks it goes down nicely in one big gulp. I’m inclined to guess that SPEED PLANS are a particularly excitable live band, as Ron’s previous review of their LP confirms." - MRR


1. Field of Vision
2. Useless Rights
3. Wasted Life
4. Reflux
5. N/A
6. Acid Costs
7. Beyond
8. Better Bombs
9. Brick Wall
10. Terror
11. Pressure Helmet
12. Police Planet