Street Weapon - Quick to Die 7"

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Street Weapon - Quick to Die 7"

Hardcore punk from Virginia Beach. Released on Not for the Weak Records. On black vinyl. 250 copies.

From Sorry State Records, "Debut 7” from this band out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. According to the label, most of the band members are barely out of high school, which rules. While I listen to a lot of old guy hardcore that’s very conscious of how it exists within the larger historical framework of punk and hardcore, Street Weapon seems more genuine and unaffected, like they’re just shooting from the hip and throwing together elements of stuff they like. I hear elements of Negative Approach-style oi!-tinged hardcore, New Breed-style NYHC (particularly in the breakdowns), a hint of thrash metal in the riffing, and some of that Gag / Bib-style hardcore that’s all about catchy mid-paced riffs. Even with all of those elements, Street Weapon doesn’t sound schizophrenic, but open-minded and un-self-conscious. If you’re into the more 80s-inspired end of the capital H Hardcore scene, check out what the younger generation is up to."


1. Quick to Die
2. Padded Cell
3. Laughing Stock
4. The Truth
5. American Dream
6. Dying to Live