The Domestics / Wolfhour Split 7"

The Domestics / Wolfhour Split 7"

Black vinyl, released on AMOK Records.

From AMOK Records, "This split 7” features the first new WOLFHOUR recording since their acclaimed 2015 debut album, Dead on Arrival, and it’s every bit as good an example of Scandinavian d-beat/hardcore as that monster record was. Featuring members, and ex-members of ANTI-CIMEX, SLAKATTACK, PI$$ER and DRILLER KILLER (amongst others), the band deliver three slices of expert Swedish punk, as you would expect.

On the flip, THE DOMESTICS spew out a quarter-dozen tracks of their killer ‘East Anglian Hardcore’ like no one else can. The usual mix of catchy U.S., Japanese and Swedish hardcore styles topped off with James’ raw and passionate English vocals make this the latest in the line of quality releases from these guys.
Artwork on the WOLFHOUR side by Nippa (ex-WOLFHOUR); whilst THE DOMESTICS employed the talents of Wesley Brown (ex-JACKALS / MIDNIGHT PARASITE).
157 on purple vinyl/348 on black."


1. A Cold, Raw System (The Domestics)
2. Maximum Hell (The Domestics)
3. Empty (The Domestics)
4. Dead as Me (Wolfhour)
5. Anger Control (Wolfhour)
6. Last Encore (Wolfhour)