Yambag - Posthumous Pounce! 12"

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Yambag - Posthumous Pounce! 12"

"The (masked) singer, Richard/Mr. E, originally wanted all the songs to be about animals and he also wanted to make a new mask for every show they played. What's more political than songs about entities that have no say in anything that humans can inflict upon them? We're all a bunch of savages anyway in one way or another. The latter got old real quick, the gimmick that is. It truly was a spectacle to witness the atrocity that Mr. E had glued and stapled together to plop on top of his nappy dome. Knowing the music could stand tall on its own he ditched the mask, but luckily still faces the band when he sings at shows to save him from hyperventilating in front of the crowds of 15, sometimes up to 17 people. The debut LP "Posthumous Pounce" is a good retrospect of our time as a band in Cleveland." - YAMBAG

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250 copies on black vinyl