Ztuped - Are You Stupid? 7"

Ztuped - Are You Stupid? 7"

Released on 11PM in 2021.

"ARE YOU STUPID? Get ready to find out! This DC group of young guns are taking the IQ lower than a limbo pole. Playing punk hardcore inspired by greats such as Cülo and School Jerks, they are part of the new wave putting a capital P in punk. And to top it off with is the deranged leads played by inimitable Daniel Peña (of Rashomon, Kombat and Pure Disgust nonetheless) This seven inch is a wild ride, so hold on and get ZTUPED"

1. Blood Runs Through
2. I Don't Wanna See
3. Sentenced to Die
4. Wheels Within Wheels
5. I Can't Stand the Light
6. Spider Zoo