Holy War - S/T 7"

Holy War - S/T 7"

Released on Sore Ear Collective.

From SEC, "From the grey skies and dark tides of the Genesee river, HOLY WAR returns.

Being the bands first ever physical release, HOLY WAR’s self titled 7” is a compilation of selected tracks from their 2015 EP, “PRAISE” and a recently released B-side from the same session. We are incredibly excited to be the ones bringing it to you.

Calling influences such as the mighty RISE AND FALL , TRAP THEM, and ALL PIGS MUST DIE, the ferocious HOLY WAR still are able to remain a beast of their own, and this 7” showcases that. Five tracks of pure misery and aggression."


1. Intro (Hate Punx)
2. Wasteland
3. Long Walk Off a Short Pier
4. No Hope
5. Choke