Coma Regalia - Vau Faelgoh 12"

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Coma Regalia - Vau Faelgoh 12"

The fifth full-length from prolific Indiana screamo outfit Coma Regalia, Vau Faelgoh joins a discography that includes 30+ releases. 11 short, fast, and cathartic screamo songs that further cement the band's place as one of the genre's torchbearers.

Released with Middle Man Records, I Corrupt Records (GERMANY), Zegema Beach Records (CANADA), Pundonor Records (SPAIN), Listen to Aylin Records (NORWAY).


1. Deimaestus
2. Eaufell
3. Aesthoroh
4. Tielasten
5. Hidenskyre
6. Kistleden
7. Indveil
8. Sondaiquai
9. Shulederhau
10. Eivau
11. Daemeron